Security Rules

The security team at the Midtown Ballroom strives to provide a safe enviorment for all patrons, staff and artist. Everything comes with some rules, even a great party while having a great time. Please read and respect our rules.

No bag, backpacks or purses larger than wallet size

Outside drinks or containers are not allowed

No weapons of any kind - this includes the pocket knife you forgot you had purse. Security team deserves the right to define.

No buzz kills, this includes but is not limited to whining, being grumpy or having a bad attitude.

Name dropping to the door person, bartenders, or security is highly frowned upon - No one cares who you think you know, pay your way or go away.

No laser pointers, lights, or whistles.

No drugs or drug paraphernalia

The use of vape-pens, e-cigs or anything of the sort are prohibited inside the building – Security reserves the right to throw them out, this includes you if you are a repeat offender.

No audio visual recording devices allowed - Cellphone recording is prohibited.

No minors, including underage artist, are allowed upstairs- Both Midtown Ballroom and Domino Room upstairs are deemed 21+ areas only.

No alcoholic beverages downstairs in the Domino Room when it is an all age show - No exceptions

An attempt to poach a concert will be met with a quick removal from the premises and possible permanent banning of the venue

Please be considerate of our neighbors and all public and private property. This includes the person you are standing next to.

You are entering the establishment at your own risk.

We are all here to have a good time. Enjoy the show and remember to be cool, be courteous, be mindful and be careful.