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Bend's largest indoor premier music venue featuring local and national music acts. Comprised of three different venues to suit your varying needs:

  • The Midtown Ballroom | largest of the three spaces
  • The Domino Room | mid-sized space with 21+ only bar upstairs overlooking the stage/floor
  • The Annex | smallest of the three spaces upstairs overlooking the Midtown Ballroom, 21+

Memorable experiences are a vast part of Bends history in this historical building right in the heart of it all. Starting from the days as a creamery-Bend Dairy, in the buildings earliest years. Continuing on to the playful rock and roll days in the 80’s-90’s, as the area's only roller rink that later became known as Midtown Rock Rink & Roll. The now millennial days as a music lovers dream to listen to the soul soothing music that permeate the walls of this ever evolving 16,000 square foot building.